Egill: The Last Pagan

Feature Film

In Development

The poet and the Viking warrior, Egill Skallagrímsson is a historic figure who lived in Iceland in the 10th century. He was both unruly and fascinating and his spirit was quite unique.

The ugly hulky boy was born into a family of great warriors. Although wild and uncontrollable in his childhood, he grows up to be a wise man, who finds his place in that ever-changed world and lives up to his fate promised him by Odin, the Viking god of poetry and war so as to become the greatest poet of not just his time, but ever in Icelandic history.

The story evolves around Egill’s fight for love and justice against the king of Norway, Erik and his witch queen, Gunnhild. Egill prevails, but the price of his victory he has to pay is much heavier than he ever imagined.

The film has a unique visual style mixing 3D with hand drawn graphics. The visual world of the film operates with clear compositions which describes best the beauty and the raw power of pristine nature.

In Egill the 3D is not used to picture reality but to make the film distinct from reality.

CAOZ is co-producing Egill with the Hungarian production company Lichthof Productions and the project is currently in production.