Legends of Valhalla – Thor
Legends of Valhalla – Thor is a full-length animated feature in production at CAOZ, which will start entertaining children from 1 to 101 years old in the fall of 2011. The film tells of the young Thór and his coming of age as the super hero god of the human world and protector of Asgard, the city of the Gods. Read more

Egill, the Last Pagan
Egill Skallagrimsson was a historic figure who lived in Iceland in the 10th century. Egill is a full-length animated film in pre-production at CAOZ. The film blends together a unique visual style and an epic storyline. Read more

Anna and the Moods
Anna and the Moods is a short film that features Anna, the perfect child, who wakes up one day looking like a sad version of Marilyn Manson and is terribly moody. When her parents take her to “Dr. Artmann’s Clinic for the Unruly Child”, she is tested in the mad doctor’s labyrinth, and the results are shocking. Read more

The Lost Little Caterpillar
The Lost Little Caterpillar tells of the adventures of a spellbound princess and her struggle with understanding the complexities of life. On her journey through the garden, she encounters many other creatures, both friends and foes. The short film has won numerous awards and nominations at over 20 film festivals. Read more

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