Elias Water Party


Play and battle with Elias and friends with water soakers toys all around Cosy Cove and its neighbourhood. 21 game boards where you have to earn them by winning each board. Opening new locations and new characters to play with, using all kinds if water soakers, like normal water gun, bubble gun, steam gun and many more. Each character has there own characteristic powers to tackle others for endless fun.



The ´Elias Water Party - Splash´ game is based on the famous TV series ´Elias - Rescue Team Adventures´.

Play and battle with Elias and friends using there unique toy water soakers. Elias with his great aiming water gun, Princess with her bubble gun floating all around, Smacky with his balloon launcher all over the place and many more for endless game play fun. 

Each character has its own special characteristic powers like jumping Swifty, super-speedy Cruiser and diving Dippy. Making them able do tricks to deal with all kinds of circumstances to battle others in all kind of fun ways.

Collect floating crates for various items that can give each character extra health, powers or even damage.

By winning each game board you will unlock new locations, play against new characters and unlock them eventually so you can choose whom to play against other.


  • No ads or in app purchase

  • 21 game boards using various locations from the world of Elias

  • 14 characters from the Elias series

  • Play up to 8 characters as you progress

  • Gradually increased difficulty as you progress

  • Suitable for 5 years and up

  • English and Norwegian text and language.